BONSERNEWS.com – Commission III of the DPR appreciates the Task Force on the Crime of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO) led by the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo. This is because the determination of 532 people as suspects is a form of commitment to eradicating TIP.

“This is a good achievement and a real result of the Police’s commitment which was recently declared regarding TIP. This figure is also surprising because in a short time, there are a large number of suspects,” said Deputy Chairman of Commission III of the DPR, Ahmad Sahroni, Thursday 22 June 2023.

Sahroni assesses that hundreds of people have become suspects proving that TIP is a serious case. “This shows how large the scale of this crime really is,” he said.

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Sahroni requested that the performance of the TIP Police Task Force not slack off. He estimates that the number of suspects in the TIP case will increase.

“The National Police and the Task Force must be more aggressive in eradicating the perpetrators of TIP crimes,” he said.

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Previously it was reported, the TIP Task Force made by the Chief of Police continued to take action. Now a total of 532 suspects have been arrested.

Karo Penmas Divhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan said that the hundreds of suspects came from 456 police reports. A total of 1,572 victims were rescued.

“Of the hundreds of LPs received, the TIP Task Force has saved 1,572 victims,” ​​said Ramadhan ()

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