– A case of domestic violence (KDRT) allegedly experienced by the wife of a lecturer at UNS KLECO CAMPUS FKIP PGPAUD by her own husband.

This reminds public awareness of the importance of fighting domestic violence as a form of gender-based violence.

Many women throughout Indonesia have also experienced domestic violence – it’s just that the incidents they experienced were not highlighted by the media cameras.

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This was revealed by his own son on a Twitter account @wonderdyn. In his upload, he explained that his mother was often treated harshly by his father.

The first time his mother experienced domestic violence was when they were still living in Depok, West Java and BW was still serving as the Ministry of Education and Culture (KEMENDIKBUD).

In a photo showing a woman with bruises on her cheek from her husband’s blow.

On March 6, 2023 DiniDyana and her mother came to the UNS campus to meet their father and asked him to come home. However, they did not get a good response from BW at that time.

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Even though they just wanted to get an explanation and asked BW to go home. Then this did not end well between the mother and father, right on the 2nd floor of Building B on the UNS campus they had a fight. DiniDyana waited for her mother on the stairs until she finally heard her mother’s screams, then she approached.

When Dini Dyana approached the sound of her mother’s screams, she saw that her mother had been squeezed by the classroom door which her father had deliberately pushed from inside.

He tried to push back the door so that mother wouldn’t get squashed in but his father immediately grabbed the mothers’ necks causing injuries.

Not long after, a security guard and a female student approached us, then the father came out and greeted the security guard, said DiniDyana.

Strangely after leaving BW he didn’t come back to class, but he left the building in a hurry. We also followed him to the flyover in front of UNS.

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