– Selebgram Muhammad Akbar Pera Baharuddin or commonly known as Personal Adjutant was reported to the Police by a businessman named Didit Hariadi.

This is related to alleged fraud worth IDR 1.6 billion.

The celebgram was accused of defrauding its victims by offering 1 unit of jetski and 4 cars.

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“Initially they offered jet skis and then they said the jet skis were in Batam City,” said Didit Hariadi’s attorney, Hasnan Hasbi.

He said the incident occurred when his client was invited by the reported party to meet at a hotel in Makassar in April 2022.

However, after two days, Akbar offered a jetski to the victim.

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“So the incident started in 2022 to be precise in April, our client Mr. Didit Hariadi met at a hotel in Makassar at that time, then two days later the reported person was offered by Akbar Pera Baharuddin,” he said.

“So communication with our clients after being approved transfers the costs through the account,” he added.

Hasan said that from that value, the victim bought 1 unit of jetski, two Mercedes Benz cars, 1 unit of Toyota Hilux and 1 unit of Mitsubishi Strada.

“So many units were offered by Akbar,” he said.

According to Hasan, currently the reported party has not undergone an examination by the police. This is because the police are currently investigating the report.

“Not yet, yesterday we made the report, yesterday afternoon. So maybe the Polda is still in the review process maybe, the process of studying the file first maybe,” he said.

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