– Indonesia will be hit by El-Nino which will threaten national food. The Minister of Agriculture (Mentan) Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL) claims that the current state of national food is still safe. Even so, he still appealed to remain vigilant in the face of El-Nino.

“If you look at the existing balance sheet and our estimates, this August, we still have about 800 thousand hectares of land. The harvest movement this month is also around 800 thousand. Therefore, the condition of our national food supply is quite secure,” said Syahrul, Wednesday 19 July 2023.

Syahrul said Banten Province was one of the national food contributor regions. He considered the food condition in Banten to be quite good.

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“One of the provinces where we see a fairly good trend of developing food security is Banten,” he said.

Amid the threat of El-Nino, Syahrul said several areas still have abundant water conditions. Even so, according to him, the threat of drought is still lurking in Indonesia from August to September.

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“El-Nino is a threat of drought and it has started this month July, and it turns out that the rice fields are still full of water. I just came from Papua from South Sumatra, West Java, Central Java, and Sulawesi and Banten today, our water enough,” he said.

“But we must not be confident, because the threat of El-Nino or global drought worldwide is a threat that is warned that the threat of drought is extreme and its peak will be in August, September,” he added.

Syahrul himself admits that he has prepared several strategies in dealing with El-Nino, one of which is strengthening the reservoir. He also appealed to accelerate the planting of rice after it was harvested.

“So if after the harvest there is only one week left, up to 10 days, we have to plant again, while there is still hope for water like that, and the President ordered all of us, including governors, regents, to accelerate one thousand hectares per area, so we hope The 500 thousand hectares are ready to respond to extreme conditions that might occur,” he explained. ()

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