BONSERNEWS.com – A skincare entrepreneur, Sunyoto Indra Prayitno, reported Mario Teguh and his wife to Polda Metro Jaya.

Mario Teguh was reported in connection with a case of alleged fraud and embezzlement worth IDR 5 billion.

The reporter and Mario Teguh and his wife first met at the airport.

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At that time, the reporter said Mario Teguh promised that if he used his services, the skincare company owned by Sunyoto Indra Prayitno would get a large turnover.

To Sunyoto, Mario Teguh talked about tens of millions of followers that would benefit his skincare business.

“If you do use us, your monthly turnover can be tens of billions. Because we have people all over Indonesia,” the attorney for the complainant, Djamaludin Koedoeboen.

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The police report is registered under number LP/B/3505/V/2023/SPKT/POLDA METRO JAYA with Mario Teguh and his wife regarding Articles 372 and 378 on suspicion of embezzlement and fraud.

Djamaludin revealed that Mario Teguh received money from his clients as brand ambassadors.

Apart from that, Mario Teguh is also said to sometimes ask for money outside of the agreed contract.

One of them, said Djamaludin, Mario Teguh sometimes asked for money to leave the country.

However, Mario Teguh is said to have not carried out his obligations as a brand ambassador.

This makes the complainant ultimately not get the benefits as promised before.

“In the agreement, you must have an obligation after he has obtained his rights as agreed. His obligation is how to make the skincare from our client must be as promised, right,” commented Djamaludin.

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