Deciding on an apprenticeship has never been so difficult. The selection and variety is very large, so it can quickly happen that you lose track of it all. Nevertheless, there are also apprenticeships that are quicker and easier to create than others.

These apprenticeships make it easier for you

  • If you want to work in retail, you don’t need to complete the entire apprenticeship. After just 2 years, you can take an exam to become a salesperson and you’re done with your training. In addition, it is now easier for you to find a job quickly.
  • If you would like to work with children, the first thing that most people think of is the many years of training as an educator. However, you can work just as responsibly as a nanny. This training is relatively easy and takes place purely at school. After 2 years you are already done – you will also find one of the most popular apprenticeships here.
  • You can work in a wide variety of ways if you do school-based training as a housekeeper. Although this lasts 2-3 years, it is more varied than almost any other training. You will learn how to cook perfectly, manage the household and also how to work with the elderly and children.

Great alternative to an apprenticeship

  • If none of the training occupations mentioned appeal to you, you can also think about the possibility of an external examination. Here you have the opportunity to obtain a school leaving certificate without going to school. The prerequisite here is that you have already worked in this profession for a number of years and that you are preparing for the exam yourself. In the case of an external examination for nanny, even your own children are sufficient as proof of practical experience. You can get more information from the IHK in your area. Although these tests are not always easier, they are still manageable.
  • Even as a career changer, you have a good chance of gaining a foothold in the profession of your choice. If you are unable to complete an apprenticeship for various reasons, you can also work in most professions as an unskilled worker. This is even common in the social sector in particular – many people work there who originally come from other training occupations.
  • If you like working with people and can also sell, you have the best chance of becoming successful in sales, even as a career changer. Direct selling gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to do so.

However, you should not choose easy training occupations just to have a degree. You should also enjoy your job so that you can be successful.

By Chavez

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