BONSERNEWS.com – Deputy Chairman of the DPD, Sultan B Najamudin encouraged the Government to increase the capacity and quality of national salt production through an agenda of extensification and intensification of people’s salt in potential areas.

According to him, the current imbalance in production and the needs of the national salt industry requires extra efforts such as expanding land, intensification, and strengthening the salt processing industry.

“We appreciate the government’s efforts through BUMN PT Garam which continues to innovate production with various approaches. However, not all the potential of the people’s salt industry has been empowered by the government in an effort to increase the national salt production capacity,” said the Sultan, Monday 19 June 2023.

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PT Garam, with its various technologies, said the former chairman of HIPMI Bengkulu, must explore all the potentials of people’s salt in each region. So we hope that salt SOEs need to be given fiscal incentives by the government.

“PT Garam does not need to pay dividends and taxes to the state, as long as it is able to accelerate national salt productivity by empowering salt farming communities. I think this needs to be supported so that the government’s dream of stopping national salt imports in 2024 can be realized,” emphasized the former Deputy Governor of Bengkulu That.

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Furthermore, the Sultan explained that so far the low NaCl content of people’s salt has become a classic problem because usually the quality of local salt is below industry standards or specifications. So that industry players reject local salt and choose to use imported salt.

For the record, the average local salt only has a NaCL content of 87% -92%. Meanwhile, the industry requires salt with NaCL above 97%.

It is known that President Joko Widodo has asked for salt imports to stop in 2024. Through Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No. 126 of 2022 concerning the Acceleration of National Salt Development which was stipulated on October 27 2022, Jokowi wants all salt needs, both consumption and industry, to be met domestically.

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