– Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia (BI) Filianingsih Hendarta said that his party would launch the Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard Cash Withdrawal, Transfer and Cash Deposit (QRIS TUNTAS) feature. The plan, the launch will be carried out in August 2023.

“Currently there are 16 participants who are ready to pilot for this feature. Piloting has been carried out since 2021 and in 2022 there will be a soft launch in Bali, hopefully in August there will be a grand launch,” said Filianingsih, Friday 23 June 2023.

Later, there are 3 expected benefits from the QRIS TUNTAS feature in improving the service quality of the digital payment system. First, optimizing the source of funds so that it can be used for various activities, not only for savings but for increasing its function as electronic money.

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The second benefit is increasing interconnection and interoperability because later through the TUNTAS feature, QRIS can be used between banks and banks, banks and non-banks, as well as non-banks and non-banks. The third benefit that is expected is to encourage financial inclusion because later the QRIS COMPLETE feature can be used in the 3T areas (Disadvantaged, Frontier, and Outermost).

“So if there are no ATMs or banks in that area, transfer, withdrawal and cash deposit transactions can be done as long as there is a QRIS merchant,” he said.

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On the same occasion, BI Governor Perry Warjiyo revealed that QRIS adoption was increasingly widespread, reflected in the increase in the number of QRIS users and merchants, which in May 2023 had reached 35.8 million and 26.1 million respectively, with a total transaction volume of 744 million. , in line with the development of QRIS features domestically and between countries.

“BI thanks the wider community, especially the little people, porridge sellers, vegetable sellers, warteg, traditional markets, houses of worship, and buskers who have used QRIS,” said Perry.

He emphasized that the Central Bank together with industry and payment system associations are committed to continuously improving and expanding service convenience, including QRIS. ()

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