– Some time ago, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew met with the Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan at the Ministry of Trade office.

During the meeting, Shou conveyed TikTok’s plan to invest USD 10 billion or IDR 148 trillion in Indonesia.

Shou said that his party will make investments of billions of dollars over the next three to five years. The investment will focus on developing data center infrastructure, training human resources, and empowering local content creators.

“We see our growth opportunity here. And we are going to invest more in this country and certainly in this region,” he said.

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Shou added that TikTok is committed to supporting the development of the digital economy in Indonesia, which is currently TikTok’s largest market in Southeast Asia with more than 125 million monthly active users.

This has received appreciation from several groups, but it also notes that TikTok is investing in Indonesia.

Responding to this, Deputy Secretary General for Industry and Trade of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) Central Executive Agency (BPP), Anthony Leong said that TikTok is a trending platform among young people.

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Apart from that, there are also many other groups who benefit from TikTok, both halal and illegal.

“The number of TikTok users is quite large in Indonesia, around 113 million users. TikTok must do a number of things, namely: contribute in the form of free promotions for local content and MSMEs, socialize various economic policies, yes, at least both so that the digital economic ecosystem in Indonesia will grow. move forward,” said Anthony in Jakarta, Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Anthony, who is also a digital expert, explained that TikTok’s investment in Indonesia is very good, but once again it must collaborate with domestic companies in the digital field and MSMEs in order to create a digital economic ecosystem that benefits all levels of society.

“We just want that every investment that enters Indonesia in the digital economy must support and raise the class of MSMEs or startups/companies of the nation’s children. There must be a concrete program of collaboration with the nation’s children, local influencers, and sustainable synergies,” said Anthony.

Anthony also highlighted the growth of digital MSMEs in Indonesia which still have great potential to be developed. According to data from Bank Indonesia (BI), of the 64.2 million MSMEs in Indonesia, only 13 percent of them have entered the digital market.

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