– The Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard or QRIS transactions are known as of July 1 2023 to be subject to a merchant discount rate (MDR) for micro businesses, which is 0.3 percent from previously 0 percent.

Even though Bank Indonesia (BI) has advised traders not to charge those fees to consumers who use QRIS. The public continues to show their rejection of this policy through social media.

Responding to this, the Deputy Chairman of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) RI Sultan B Najamudin urged BI to review the application of the MDR fee to every QRIS transaction for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially traders.

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“The imposition of an MDR fee for every QRIS transaction is not appropriate amidst the narrow scope of QRIS use nationally. Even though the growth in the use of QRIS transactions continues to increase in several regions, especially in Java,” said the Sultan, Wednesday 12 July 2023.

According to him, BI only needs to focus on the target of increasing the use, security and quality of QRIS transactions for the public. I think there is still a lot of QRIS technology homework which is often used as a mode of financial crime.

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“There are fears that the MDR policy will actually affect the purchase price of goods as a whole and have an impact on inflation. The QRIS MDR fee may be applicable to minimarkets or super markets, but it is not appropriate to apply it to street vendors,” said the former chairman of HIPMI Bengkulu.

The Sultan further explained that the number of QRIS merchants has currently only reached 24.9 million with a total number of QRIS users of 30.87 million. This figure is of course still very small when compared to the current number of MSMEs and the number of Indonesian consumers.

“We hope that the monetary authority will be able to re-evaluate the determination of the MDR fee for QRIS transactions in the midst of slowing public purchasing power and increasing inflation. Don’t let MDR fees hinder the development of our use of digital financial transaction technology,” he concluded.

It is known, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) in June 2023 released year on year (yoy) inflation of 4.30 percent or an increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 118.52 in May 2022 to 118.94 in June 2023. m-to-m deflation of 0.35 percent and ytd inflation rate of 1.53 percent. ()

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