BONSERNEWS.com – The government will disburse the 13th salary for Civil Servants (PNS) starting Monday 5 June 2023 today.

This 13th salary will later consist of a basic salary and allowances as stipulated in Government Regulation (PP) Number 15 of 2023.

Quoting Article 6 of the regulation, it is explained that the salaries of the 13 civil servants sourced from the State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) consist of a basic salary, family allowances, food allowances, position allowances or general allowances, and 50 percent of performance allowances according to rank, position, position rank, or job class.

Meanwhile, the 13th salary component comes from the Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD), namely basic salary, family allowance, food allowance, position allowance or general allowance, as well as an additional income of at most 50 percent received in one month.

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“The government provides holiday allowances and the 13th 2023 salary to state apparatus, pensioners, pension recipients and allowance recipients as a form of appreciation for service to the nation and state by taking into account the state’s financial capacity,” Article 2 of the regulation reads.

The government also stipulates the maximum salary for the 13th civil servant in the regulation. Based on the rules signed on March 29, 2023, the maximum range for the 13th salary is Rp. 3.21 million to Rp. 24.13 million.

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The maximum salary for the 13th civil servant is broken down for leaders, members and non-state civil servant employees who serve in government agencies including non-structural institutions and new state universities.

The following is the maximum 13th salary for civil servants:
1. Leaders and Members of Non-structural Institutions
– Chairman/Head: IDR 24.13 million
– Deputy Chair/Deputy Head: IDR 21.23 million
– Secretary: IDR 18.34 million
– Members: IDR 18.34 million

2. Non-ASN Employees in Nonstructural Institutions and Officials whose Financial Rights or Administrative Rights are equivalent:
– Echelon I/Main High Level Officials/Middle Level Officials: IDR 19.93 million
– Echelon II/Primary High Leadership Official: IDR 14.70 million
– Echelon III/Office Administrator: IDR 8.98 million
– Echelon IV/Supervisory Officer: IDR 7.51 million ()

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