BONSERNEWS.com – Recently video Mario Dandy without cable tie, strong evidence that Indonesian law is weak.

The 21-second video shows Mario Dandy sitting in a black polo shirt without wearing it cable ties.

Whether it’s intentional or not, it looks Mario Dandy without using cable ties during an interview at the Metro Jaya detention center until the media immediately recorded it.

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The video spread virally all over social media, netizens think that the law in Indonesia is weak.

The suspect in the persecution received very good treatment from the Metro Jaya detention center, the issue of brown envelopes was also widely discussed.

The father of the victim of persecution, Jonathan also commented on Mario Dandy’s viral video without cable ties the.

You can attach and remove the cable ties yourself, don’t be able to go in and out of the cell yourself too. Later there will be laws that are not like the laws of this country that will apply to this child, just wait,wrote Jonathan.

The attorney for the victim of persecution also provided comments via his personal Twitter account.

Smile without regret, unplug the cable ties, orange clothes with accessories, sit on the sofa and in an air-conditioned room, the treatment for this official’s son is extraordinary, and now he wants to get a light punishment because David is starting to get better physically…Melissa wrote.

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Netizen representatives with the Twitter account owner @add ***, replied to comments from Mellisa.

Maybe for Mr. Police @DivHumas_Polri it is trivial for the attitude and treatment of the suspect Mario who has hurt the sense of justice for David’s family and all Indonesian citizens. It’s embarrassing and I don’t know who else to believe in upholding justice in this country?” said his disappointment.

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