BONSERNEWS.com – Jagat Maya was shocked by the video of a viral Karawang maid who was allegedly killed by an axe.

The Karawang TKW viral no censor video was recorded by a figure suspected of being the perpetrator of the grisly murder.

In the Karawang TKW viral no censor video, you can see a woman lying naked on a bed with her head and face covered in blood.

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The atmosphere was further horrific when the viral Karawang TKW video showed a ship leaning against a wall covered in blood on the iron parts.

It doesn’t stop there, the viral Karawang TKW video also shows a laptop that turns on and plays music very loudly.

In the viral Karawang TKW video, you can see the lighting is not too bright and scary.

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No words were heard from someone who recorded the viral Karawang TKW video.

He only showed around the scene of the horrific incident with the dead female victim lying on a bed with a terrible head condition.

Also emphasized the surroundings by showing an ax covered in blood as well as a lit laptop playing music.

It needs to be investigated further regarding the truth of the narrative in the viral Karawang TKW video.

This article narrates what is seen in a viral Karawang TKW video, but for the validity of the identity data of the victim who is thought to have come from Karawang it was not valid until this news was released.

It is not certain where the location of this incident occurred, but there is an issue that the TKW who were killed by using an ax came from Karawang.

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