– There was a lot of talk about the viral video Mario Dandy was seen wearing a black shirt without cable ties. However, according to the Kapolda it was just media editing.

This also made the media crew furious, as well as netizens annoyed after hearing the statement from the Kapolda.

Attracting Rudi Valinka’s attention, he also made a cash contest of 10 million if this could be found in the Mario Dandy case.

Check out the conditions and explanation regarding this as follows.

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Tweets on Twitter account owner @kurawa or Rudi Valinka stated that they would be willing to issue IDR 10 million in cash to netizens.

I have prepared a cash prize of IDR 10 million for anyone (especially at the Cipinang Detention Center) who can provide proof that Mario Dandi received special treatment at Cipinang. Be careful for the Director General of Correctional Affairs and Criminal Justice. This child always brings bad luck,” wrote Rudi Valinka.

The identity of the perpetrator is 100% guaranteed. Please DM if you have proof.” he added.

Of course, the tweet made netizens very excited and many follow His Twitter.

Netizens who participated were also enraged by law enforcers who were considered very weak.

There are some netizens who want to add prizes from the competition of IDR 20 million and IDR 5 million if they really find solid evidence.

Bang 10 million is not enough for people who have to lose their jobs and may be sued by ITE. I personally added 20 million,” wrote one netizen.

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permission to add 5 million bro. let the spirit look for info. dm the account let’s bro,” wrote another netizen.

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