BONSERNEWS.com – Transportation experts highlight the IDR 7 million electric motorbike subsidy from the government, which is considered to be the wrong target. One of the recipients of the subsidy, namely Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), is said to not need an electric motor.

Deputy Chairperson for Strengthening and Regional Development of the Indonesian Transportation Society (MTI) Djoko Setijowarno said that MSME actors already have motorbikes. They don’t necessarily want to buy an electric motorbike because they need to spend more money.

“In fact, MSMEs do not need electric motorbikes, but need additional capital to develop their business, market access, human resource training,” said Djoko Setijowarno, Wednesday 31 May 2023.

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The Soegijapranata Unika Civil Engineering Study Program academic also said that every MSME actor even has more than one motorbike. He said this made subsidies not on target.

Based on the Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 6 of 2023, those who are allowed to buy electric motorbikes with subsidies are MSMEs, recipients of People’s Business Credit (KUR), recipients of wage subsidy assistance and 450-900 VA electricity customers.

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This subsidy is given for 200 thousand units of electric motorbikes in the 2023 fiscal year and 600 thousand units for the 2024 budget year.

Recently, loud voices criticizing electric vehicle subsidies have surfaced. One thing that is highlighted is that buyers of electric vehicles, electric motorbikes or electric cars, actually don’t need help buying.

Djoko suspects that the government’s goal of providing this subsidy is to help the electric motorcycle industry, which has already invested and is producing, but the market is still very small.

“What is feared will happen is the increasing number of private vehicles crammed into the streets, while the only parties who will benefit from this program are electric vehicle manufacturers,” said Djoko. ()

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