– Recently, the viral link to the video of a Karawang migrant worker who was allegedly killed was killed by being hit by an ax.

There is a recorder who is suspected of being the perpetrator of the murder in the Karawang TKW video link recording the condition after the victim was lying on the bed.

The terrible atmosphere that can be seen in the video link of the TKW Karawang shows the victim without even a single piece of clothing and the condition of her head and face being crushed and covered in blood on the mattress.

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In addition to recording the victim, it can be seen in the video that the Karawang maid who was killed was messy and contained an axe.

It’s terrible that the ax that is in the viral Karawang TKW video link shows that there is blood on the iron part.

In addition to the axe, it was also seen that the laptop turned on music which sounded very loud, allegedly to muffle the voices when the perpetrators executed the alleged TKW Karawang.

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The victim is a woman who is unfortunate to see from the conditions seen in the viral Karawang TKW video link.

Until this article was published, it was still unclear regarding the authenticity of the viral Karawang TKW video allegedly killed by the victim’s face being axed.

Until now, they are still being investigated and seeking the truth regarding the identity of the victim, perpetrator, the location of the incident and when the incident took place.

However, the Karawang TKW video link has already spread on various social media and has invited various comments from netizens.

“There’s no way this will go viral from Karawang. These are definitely Brazilian/Mexico people. Can you see that Karawang people like to sing western band songs, on average they like West Javanese songs” @layanglayang

“The perpetrator was the one who videoed it, bro… oh my god… that’s the girl playing around with the perpetrator and that’s how it is… maybe there is something that hurts the perpetrator… oh my God, it’s scary” @primeliantarisuryaputri

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