– A few days ago there was a lot of discussion about the stories of UI graduates who were unable to compete with STM graduates when applying at PT PAL Indonesia.

PT PAL stands for Navy Upgrading. The UI graduate majoring in mechanical engineering was unable to compete with a man in his 30s when he applied for a job.

In his official Twitter account @PTPAl_INDONESIA, he explained what skill criteria must be possessed so that he prefers graduates from STM to join the company.

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Hi PAL friends, the need for welder/welder at PT PAL Indonesia is not only required to be able to only 1 welding position,” tweeted the account @PTPAL_INDONESIA.

But also must have skills in various welding techniques. All welders at PAL are required to have high certification, skills & flight hours,” wrote the admin.

The following are the skill criteria that a welder or welder must have based on information from PTPAL_INDONESIA.

1. A high standard of welder qualification is required

The work of a welder/welder has a very important role in the construction of warships, commercial ships, and submarines because the work of PT. PAL has world-class standards so it must be done professionally.

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2. Welding skills at PT PAL have different techniques

Julu welders must have skills including: SMAW, FCAW, and GTAW which use metal materials, flux (powder), gas or such as argon, helium, or mixtures to protect electrodes and molten metal.

3. The role of the welder held by PAL staff is very important in producing high quality products. In addition, a PAL staff may have more than 1 certification in carrying out their role.

4. Before project implementation begins, all involved welding staff will be inspected certificate validity period and an assessment is carried out by the PT PAL assessor team, the owner and the appointed classification agency.

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