– Deputy Chairman of the MPR, Syarief Hasan expressed his appreciation for the success of PT. Pertamina (Persero) which managed to make a huge profit in 2022. This is the biggest profit in Pertamina’s history, breaking the US$ 3.8 billion mark or equivalent to Rp. 56.59 trillion.

The profit for 2022 has increased significantly compared to 2021 which reached US$ 2.04 billion or IDR 30.41 T. This is a sign for Pertamina in particular and BUMN in general that state companies are able to compete in an increasingly competitive industrial climate.

“We should be proud of Pertamina’s achievement in recording a huge profit. Pertamina’s position as a business entity and public service is able to go hand in hand, of course while maintaining national energy security. Pertamina must be able to realize equitable energy resources for the people. This achievement is even more encouraging because it’s not just the blessing of oil prices, but the efficiency of spending that can be cut optimally,” he said, Friday 9 June 2023.

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According to him, Pertamina’s success needs to be used as a momentum to pursue energy independence. Pertamina and its sub-holdings need to continue to accelerate and optimize in increasing production scale. Increasingly high domestic consumption needs to be followed by the ability to supply. This of course requires capital and technological support in optimizing old oil and gas sources, and searching for new oil and gas sources. Moreover, oil and gas has a strategic value, which is even an instrument of national security.

The Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs in the era of President SBY specifically emphasized the need for continuous corporate breakthroughs and consolidation. This of course necessitates an increase in financial performance, expansion of business scope, increase in corporate value, as well as domestic and global strategic partnerships. As the only domestic company that is able to enter the Fortune 500, we naturally expect a lot from Pertamina. Moreover, its contribution to state revenue is very significant, reaching Rp. 307.2 trillion throughout 2022.

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“I congratulate all Pertamina personnel. This positive performance needs to be continued and improved. What has been achieved today will be multiplied in the future. We need the support and synergy of all stakeholders, the public and the business world so that Pertamina can become a more robust company on a global scale and become one of the mainstays of state revenue and community empowerment,” concluded Syarief. ()

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