BONSERNEWS.com – Circulating a video allegedly of a viral Karawang TKW who was killed naked.

It’s a shame that the video, which is suspected of being a viral Karawang TKW, has been spread with no censorship on social media.

Initially, the circulation of the viral video allegedly by the TKW Karawang was recorded by someone who was rumored to be the perpetrator of the victim’s murder.

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The video allegedly of the Karawang TKW going viral in the camp was recorded for 18 seconds.

In the footage, the victim is seen lying lifeless without a single piece of clothing.

The recorder approached the victim to record the head of the alleged viral Karawang TKW, which was deformed and covered in blood.

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After recording the lifeless victim, the recorder begins to shift the tape to an ax leaning against the wall.

Terrible, the ax that was recorded in the video, allegedly a viral Karawang TKW, can be seen covered in blood on the iron.

Quickly, the video of the alleged viral Karawang TKW redirected the recording to a laptop that was on.

Very loud music was heard coming from the laptop which was allegedly deliberately intended to trick the surroundings so that the screams of the victims or the execution of the victims were not heard.

However, until this article was released, it was still unknown about the validity of the video data, which was suspected of being a viral TKW Karawang.

The reason is that it is not yet known about the fact of the whereabouts and time of the incident in the video, it is suspected that the Karawang TKW went viral.

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