BONSERNEWS.com – As is known, today, Tuesday, June 6 2023, Mario Dandy is undergoing his first trial.

The case and trial have received the attention of many people, including the famous comic Ernest Prakasa.

Komika Ernest Prakasa also commented on the initial hearing on the abuse case committed by Mario Dandy against David Ozora.

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The comic highlighted Mario Dandy’s attitude when he was photographed by ink coolies who were covering the first trial.

Mario Dandy was seen smiling at the journalists and this made Ernest Prakasa furious.

On his personal Twitter account @ernestprakasa, Ernest Prakasa said, “Mario is always a grin.”

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Then, Ernest Prakasa added, “Even if he has strong backing, if he has social and emotional intelligence, he should understand the situation and not act like this.”

In fact, more than that, Ernest Prakasa also concluded that Mario Dandy was rather stupid. He said, “In my conclusion, this kid is a bit “stupid”.

Ernest Prakasa’s tweet received various comments from many netizens. @adityalesmana said “Maybe that was the strategy. Sentence reduction due to mental problems.”

Another netizen, @adicupangahh, said, “Listen to what I heard, I thought he was mentally disturbed, then his sentence was reduced and he was put in the vvip section of the hospital where there is an air conditioner, a fridge, everything feels complete, it feels like a boarding house.”()

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