– The process of appointing the Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo) Johnny G Plate as a suspect in the BTS case by the Attorney General’s Office (Kejagung) is colored by the issue of political interests.

Because of this, many parties are pushing for Johnny Plate to file a pretrial lawsuit with the court.

Responding to this, Deputy Chairman of the NasDem Party, Ahmad Ali, said that filing a pretrial lawsuit is the right of every citizen to get justice. Moreover, in the process and determination of suspects it was felt that there were irregularities and mistakes.

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“Pretrial is the right of every citizen and has been regulated and protected by law. So, anyone has the right to file a pretrial,” said Ahmad Ali, Monday, June 5, 2023.

Those who have the right to file a pretrial in the BTS case are the suspect (Johnny Plate) and his family.

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Whereas the NasDem Party institutionally does not have the right and legal standing to submit a pretrial in the case that Johnny Plate experienced.

“In this pretrial case, the NasDem Party neither encourages nor prohibits it. It is an individual right, if you want to use it, please go ahead. We leave it to those concerned,” he said.

For Ali, in this BTS corruption case, Johnny Plate himself knows exactly what the legal case is. So, if you feel like using your rights, you are welcome. “But, once again I say, legally we do not have the right (to pretrial),” said Ali, again.

Furthermore, this member of Commission III of the DPR has encouraged the Attorney General’s Office to conduct an examination of the parties allegedly involved in this case.

“Who enjoys who, who gets the flow must be openly disclosed. We don’t want this case, as people say, that it cannot be separated from political affairs.”

For this reason, so that this case does not become a widespread perception (of political interest) in the public, Ali asked the Attorney General’s Office to open up more broadly and not hide anything.

“The Ketum has stated that he supports the legal process at the Attorney General’s Office. This means that when the Ketum has delivered the statement we encourage Johnny Plate to be a justice collaborator (JC) to assist the Attorney General’s Office,” he said.

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