– Former Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights Denny Indrayana opened his voice after he was reported to the police because of allegations of spreading hoaxes related to rumors that the Constitutional Court (MK) would decide on the election system to punch party pictures. Denny said he was ready to face the report.

Denny appointed an attorney from the Indrayana Center for Government, Constitution, and Society (INTEGRITY) Law Firm to respond to the report. Denny emphasized that his party was ready to face the police report.

“Basically, we don’t want a shift in the focus of the advocacy issue being fought for, namely keeping the Indonesian electoral system democratic according to the people. Efforts to oversee and protect the Constitutional Court in examining, hearing, and deciding requests for the Indonesian electoral system must remain a top priority,” said Denny’s attorney in a written statement, Friday 2 June 2023.

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Denny’s party asked the apparatus to handle the report professionally. His attorney asked for no criminalization for people who express opinions.

“Even if it turns out that these criticisms and opinions are being responded to repressively by a handful of people resulting in further legal risks, INTEGRITY has been appointed by Prof. Denny Indrayana to act for and on behalf of him as the Legal Counsel, to deal with this process, still based on the principle of certainty. fair law, as guaranteed in the 1945 Constitution. Therefore, we expect every law enforcement officer to act by prioritizing justice and professionalism,” he said.

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“The public has also provided very good support, considering the track record of the Constitutional Court which has often been under scrutiny lately for its decisions which are considered inconsistent with the interests of democracy. Therefore, the State is encouraged to respond to this public control wisely, not by criminalizing it,” he continued. Denny’s legal team.

The police said they had received a report from a resident with the initials AWW against Denny Indrayana. The reporter suspected that Denny was spreading hoaxes related to rumors of the Constitutional Court’s decision.

“Currently investigations are being carried out by Bareskrim Polri investigators based on Police Report Number LP/B/128/V/2023/SPKT/BARESKRIM POLRI with reporters on behalf of AWW and the reported reported on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 namely, one on behalf of the owner /user/authority of the Twitter account @dennyindrayana, two on behalf of the owner/user/authority of the Instagram account @dennyindrayana99,” said Head of Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Sandi Nugroho told reporters. ()

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