– The DPR’s State Accountability and Finance Agency (BAKN) paid a working visit to PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) in Bandung, West Java. This working visit was carried out in the framework of BAKN’s review of the BPK RI’s LHP regarding state capital participation in BUMN.

Deputy Chair of BAKN, Anis Byarwati, at this meeting emphasized that BAKN needs to explore the points where the problems found must be corrected. “Because BAKN’s job is to make recommendations related to the topic of PMN to SOEs. So it’s not a decision making like what is done in commissions. But we are looking for the best solution,” he said, Wednesday, June 14, 2023.

The three BUMNs present at this meeting are the BUMNs with the largest debt value. The DJKN of the Ministry of Finance reported that Hutama Karya’s debt was IDR 71.53 trillion, it is estimated that by 2026 HK will experience a loss of IDR 6 trillion.

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Hutama Karya suffered a loss of around Rp. 2 trillion in 2020 and Rp. 2.4 trillion in 2021, which was due to the operation of part of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) so that loan interest had started to be calculated.

On the other hand, some sections of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road did not generate revenue according to the feasibility study planned at the start. Anis also hopes that the Ministry of BUMN, which is tasked with providing an assessment of BUMNs that are eligible to receive PMN, will have to work more carefully in the future.

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Finally, the chairman of the PKS DPP for Economics and Finance regretted the problems with Wijaya Karya’s financial reports. He also criticized the government’s ambition in infrastructure development which was not accompanied by domestic capability in financing it.

“The problem of BUMN Karya cannot be separated from the ambition of the government’s infrastructure program which burdens BUMN Karya. Projects that are not included in economic considerations are still being carried out, thereby burdening the balance of BUMN Karya. So that one of the root causes of the mountain of BUMN debt is the gap between domestic funding capabilities and financing needs for national infrastructure. ,” he concluded.

The meeting at PT KAI was also attended by representatives from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of SOEs, directors from PT KAI, PT Wijaya Karya, and PT Hutama Karya, as SOEs that received PMN. ()

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