BONSERNEWS.com – DPR Deputy Speaker Muhaimin Iskandar supports President Joko Widodo or Jokowi’s decision to ban bauxite exports as of June 10, 2023.

The man who is familiarly called Cak Imin stated, the ban on bauxite exports is the government’s strategy to optimize the downstream mineral industry in Indonesia.

“Yes, I think this (bauxite export ban) is a good decision. However, the government under Mr. Jokowi’s leadership wants to realize downstream, and this ban on bauxite exports is a concrete form,” he said, Tuesday 13 June 2023.

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At the same time, Cak Imin encouraged the government to immediately find a solution to the slow construction of a mineral processing and refining plant or smelter.

“I hope the government can sit down with entrepreneurs specifically to discuss the smelter issue. Whether it is necessary to relax funding, for example, this must be discussed. Indeed, we know the cost of building this smelter is very expensive,” said Imin.

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The Chairman of the PKB also encourages all entrepreneurs to jointly commit to realizing downstream industry in Indonesia. Because downstream is the key to national economic progress.

“Indeed, our challenge is a matter of shared commitment. Now, this is a big homework that must be built strong. If everything is in one frame, I’m sure Indonesia can progress more quickly, moreover this downstream has proven to be a prime mover for the national economy,” said Cak Imin.

Previously, President Jokowi expressed his anger regarding the export of raw minerals. Jokowi said that Indonesia had been exporting raw goods for hundreds of years.

For Jokowi, the raw mineral export activities that have taken place so far have greatly benefited other countries. This is because the country can process raw materials and create jobs for many people. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself, it is still lulled by the export of raw minerals so that the added value obtained is very minimal.

Therefore, to gain its own benefits, the government will strictly prohibit raw mineral export activities, both gradually starting from nickel and bauxite. Furthermore, he is also rumored to be banning the export of copper and tin. ()

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