BONSERNEWS.com – Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR, Krisdayanti assessed that the contribution of MSMEs to the national economy was quite good.

However, developing it for local MSME actors is quite a challenge.

According to the woman who is familiarly called KD, she admitted that there have been 400 MSMEs in the Greater Malang area.

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“I myself am currently coaching 400 MSMEs in the Malang area, not all of them can survive but they also need guidance,” he said, Saturday 10 June 2023.

The PDIP politician explained that the challenges for regional MSMEs are access to capital and human resources (HR).

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“We have provided capital for each of these SMEs of around Rp. 20 million in the hope that MSMEs can be helped,” said one of the Indonesian Divas.

For this reason, he encouraged MSMEs in Malang to keep growing and moving up the grade.
So, MSMEs can grow and absorb more workers.

“We offer a lot of food products in the form of packaging, fruits and culinary delights. Moreover, Malang has unique products that can be developed such as apple chips, banana chips, jackfruit chips, mangoes, rambutan and other products,” said the legislator from the East Java Dapil V including , Malang City, Malang Regency, to Batu Malang. ()

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