BONSERNEWS.com – It is certain that the 2024 General Election (Election) will continue to use an open proportional system.

This decision was conveyed by Constitutional Court judge Suhartoyo when reading out the Constitutional Court’s decision on the judicial review of case Number 114/PUU-XIX/2022 regarding the electoral system at the Constitutional Court Building, Jakarta, Wednesday 15 June 2023.

Judge Suhartoyo explained the advantages and disadvantages of a closed proportional electoral system.

According to Suhartoyo, the advantage of a proportional system with a closed list, among other things, is that it is easier for political parties to supervise their members in representative institutions.

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The closed proportional system also encourages political parties to carry out regeneration and political education with a stronger focus on forming cadres.

In addition, this system also has the potential to minimize money politics and black campaigns.

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With strict internal selection, political parties can ensure that the candidates they run are not overly dependent on external financial support and are not involved in negative campaigns that are detrimental to democracy.

Meanwhile, the drawback of a closed proportional system is that voters have limited space in determining candidates for DPR DPRD members because voters do not have the opportunity to directly vote for the candidate they choose.

“In addition, there is the potential for political nepotism to occur within political parties,” he said.

Where political parties are more likely to vote for or support candidates from the family or closest circle of political parties without considering the quality and competence of the candidates objectively.

In addition, the potential for oligarchic political parties is getting stronger if political parties do not have transparent recruitment and candidacy.

Then, the lack of transparency in the recruitment and candidacy system can open loopholes for unhealthy political practices.

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