– The Karawang TKW video went viral on social media which looks like it has died horribly naked.

In the viral Karawang TKW video, the dead were allegedly killed by using an axe, because in the video the recorder shows an ax that looks like it was covered in blood.

The terrible condition was clearly felt when the Karawang TKW video recorder showed the head that was deformed and covered in blood.

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In the video, the victim’s condition can be seen in the Karwang TKW victim being crushed lying on a bed without wearing a single piece of clothing.

Next, the recorder showed an ax leaning against the wall and the iron was stained with blood.

The atmosphere was even more horrific when the recorder showed a laptop still on with very loud music allegedly so that the screams of the victims were not heard during the execution.

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The viral video of a Karawang maid being killed allegedly by means of an ax is 18 seconds long.

In the viral Karawang TKW video, the scene of the incident is in a room painted pink.

The surrounding conditions recorded in the viral Karawang TKW video look messy.

The case of migrant workers being killed in a way that is suspected of being in an axe is still unknown as to the reason behind the brutal killing.

Even the victim’s identity is still unclear, but many say that it is a migrant worker who comes from Karawang.

Rumors circulated on social media that the killer was the master himself.

Until this article was published, it was still unclear where the victim was located, the identity of the victim, when the murder occurred, and the perpetrators.

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