– Hundreds of students from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri (MAN) 1 Bekasi are suspected of being victims of event organizer (EO) study tour fraud. The attorney for MAN 1 Bekasi, Samsudin, said that each student had paid a study tour fee of IDR 2 million.

“There are 288 students, each student is Rp. 2 million, per person,” said Samsudin. Samsudin said the 288 students of MAN 1 Bekasi were supposed to go on a study tour to Yogyakarta on May 29 but the EO canceled it.

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Then, the EO asked that the departure for the study tour be postponed and it was agreed that the departure would take place on June 8.

“Initially, May 29, just the day before departure, the EO and the travel were cancelled, so finally the EO was summoned and asked for all kinds of reasons, the reasons were very subjective, he said one of the committee said it was not good for the EO. Finally, after deliberation, the EO was ready to depart but asked When postponed, it was agreed on June 8,” he said.

He said all students had gathered to leave for a study tour from after the Asr prayer until 20.00 WIB on June 8. He said the EO actually came with 4 buses that were not in accordance with the agreement.

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“At 20.20 WIB, EO came, we were gathering at the mosque after the Isya prayer, there was a direction from the school, suddenly he came with only 4 buses. Meanwhile, the agreement was 8 buses like that,” said Samsudin.

“It arrived at 20.20 WIB even though in the agreement at 20.00 WIB it should have left,” he added.

He said the school then checked the bus and hotel where the EO had promised to stay. He said there were no paid buses and hotels booked by the EO.

“It turns out that after we cross-checked that, no one from the bus PO had been paid at all. Then when we cross-checked the hotel, whose information had already been booked, there were also no guests from Bekasi City,” he said.

Samsudin said MAN 1 Bekasi then decided to police the EO. The police report is registered with the number LP/B/118/VI/2023/SPKT/Polsek North Bekasi/Polres Metro Bekasi Kota/Polda Metro Jaya dated June 9, 2023.

“That’s why we finally decided to report it to the police. So we submitted the report on the evening of June 8, after the busy incident, we immediately reported it to the police,” he added.

Samsudin said that his party had submitted a number of pieces of evidence. Among them are receipts for proof of payment for a study tour to Yogyakarta worth IDR 474 million to bid proposals and agreements with the EO.

“The progress we have submitted is the evidence we have, there is a bid proposal, there is a letter of agreement regarding the implementation of this study tour, there is proof of receipt of money, an amount of Rp. 474 million, that’s it. Well, the report itself in this case is the Yogya Holiday Center, right? as the EO of this activity, in this case his full name is Aditya like that,” he said.

Furthermore, he hopes that the study tour money for 288 students of MAN 1 Bekasi can be returned. He regretted that a similar incident had befallen 288 students of MAN 1 Bekasi.

“The progress today is in the process of investigation so the police are still working, hopefully, we will convey this to the police, in principle we want to fight for the money that has been paid to be returned because that is also stated in the agreement letter between MAN 1 with the Yogya Holiday Center, yes,” he said. ()

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